Sensory activities are an amazing way for your children to explore and learn through their senses, but sometimes they can make quite the mess. If you’re looking for something a little less splashy, I recommend these sensory bags. You can literally put anything you want into them and the children love exploring them.


For this sensory bag I simply used; glitter, vegetable oil and food colouring. I sealed the bag and taped all around the top.


For this sensory bag I used food colouring, vegetable oil, glitter and cheerios. This was a very last minute thought but the children were very into guessing what the green round parts were.



This last sensory bag was mine and the children’s favourite. For this one I used water, vegetable oil, sparkles, food colouring and dish soap. The combination really hypnotized the children. The bubbles mixed with the oil created an abnormal flow that made the sparkles swirl at different paces.



Don’t forget to table around the opening and then I add a layer of table to the table as well to make sure it’s really sealed.