In the childcare, we are finding ourselves heading more and more into a more natural program. What better way to promote that then with natural aesthetics! Every classroom deserve it’s own personalized sign!


What you need:

-A larger piece of bark (You can use any type of wood if you can’t find bark)

-A classroom full of painters


-a narrow drill bit/ drill



The DIY of it all:

1)Have the children paint the side of the wood you’ve chosen to be your front. I left out various colours and had each child who wanted to participate painted a small section.

2)After the children’s part is finished I painted on KINDIES in white paint for it to stand out.

3)….Again I wait for it to dry.

4)A simple coat of modpodge will protect this piece from flaking off but fair warning; I would dab a brush over it. I experienced some smearing.

5) Slowly and carefully drill two holes about 6-7 inches apart. ( Go slow since the wood can be thin, you might run into breakage)

6) Once you have the two holes drilled, thread some twin through them and do a single knot in both ends to make a loop for hanging.