What started off with as a 2 section shelving unit underneath and island became a perfectly sized “Hidey hole” for my toddler friends!

First I removed the shelf that was placed in the middle to the other side (adding additional room for the art shelf!). Then after wiping down the surfaces I moved on to measuring and cutting wallpaper (Dollarama sells shelf/ drawer paper) I placed it on the two sides but left the back wall blank to add family photos and any additional decorations that came to mind.

I made my way to giant tiger at this point to look for some cushions that had removable covers. (You’re welcome health department) While there I found memory foam seat cushions, that fit perfectly in the alcove! Both cushions were 5 dollars each with the pillow being 6 dollars. I decided to add some mirrored flower stickers to the roof and glow in the dark butterflies with the family photos.


Initially the children were weary of sitting in there but once a few started they all came, the longer it was out the more the children loved it and they all interacted wonderfully in it. Sitting three at a time and carefully looking at theirs and other friend’s family photos.