Written and illustrated by: Peter H. Reynolds

I was a drawn to this book immediately because of beautiful and simple illustrations; not only of pictures but the text which pops right off the page.As soon as you begin to read the first page you are immediately captured by how the book is presented in first person. Peter H. Reynolds has an amazing way of relating to children through displaying the stressors they have in their daily lives. When reading this book to my class the children began (without prompting) to discuss what they dream about and how dreams make them feel. Near the ending of this book there is a large page section that highlights all the ways a child can dream and labels the emotions that can go along with it. The children in my class were able to look over these and decide which one they related to the most, which was an excellent tool for starting multiple discussions on emotion, acceptance, similarities, and differences. The illustrations of not just the pictures but also of the text really adds a conversation piece for the children and educators.


Peter H. Reynolds is a New York Times– bestselling author and illustrator of many books for children, including The Dot and The North Star. His books have been translated into over twenty-five languages around the globe and are celebrated worldwide. In 1996, he founded FableVision with his brother, Paul, as a social change agency to help move the world to a better place by creating “stories that matter, stories that move.” He lives in Dedham, Massachusetts, with his family. www.peterreynolds.com